• Certified Industrial Building Program

    Certified buildings answer the unknowns about a structure before the prospect arrives.

  • Certified Industrial Building Program

    The Certified Industrial Building (CIB) program reduces the risk of purchase or redevelopment through a rigorous assessment and qualification process.

  • Certified industrial building program

    Market ready report containing information companies and site selectors need to make a location decision.

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Certification process

The certification process is a thorough assessment. The process begins with a pre-qualification review to determine if the building meets a basic set of requirements (i.e. size, ceiling height, utilities, access, and other features). If the building meets all pre-qualification requirements, it is accepted into the program for certification. Economic developers, owners, or building representatives complete a form with contact, transportation, utility, and building data. The CIB team then preforms the assessment of the facility condition, environmental, title search, and the area market. All assessments are summarized for easy review by prospective buyers.


CIB standard set of deliverables:

  • Building Features Overview
  • Property Condition Assessment
  • Environmental Site Assessment
  • Site Selector Review
  • Market Profile
  • Title Search Opinion


Creative EDC and ECS, Ltd., launched the Certified Industrial Buildings Program in 2016. Certification attests to the building’s structure, features, environmental condition, and marketability. Like a certified site, a certified building provides your clients with the information they need to make a location decision.

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